About Jennifer Sage

Internationally acclaimed paranormal and fantasy romance author, Jennifer Sage


Before becoming a full time author, Jennifer Sage played for a time in the Banking industry, held the title of Project Manager for a contractor with TSA, was an Escrow Agent, a Damn Fine Bartender and a world traveler with a passion for adventure.

She has been writing as long as she was able to hold a pencil, winning awards for her talents as young as 2nd grade where she was nominated for the young author award in the state of Florida. Her erotic poetry has been published and shared worldwide and her books are internationally acclaimed.

In 2011, her first book was published, Immortal Dreams, and it was quickly followed by book two in that series, Immortal Bound. They are part of an epic Fantasy/ Suspense / Romance series that has an urban setting, gripping suspense and a heated love that her fans rave about. Jennifer Sage is a masterful “world-building” expert and the world is just as much a character as her breathing ones. This untraditional style has separated her from other authors of her genre.

Keltor, her first book in “The Guardian Archives” series, was published on Mothers Day 2012, and is categorized as Paranormal/ Suspense/ Romance. In this series as well, the world is epic, urban and is filled with Angels, Demons and everything in-between. Ending at 125,000 words, it too defies industry standards with it’s size in her genre. However, her readers don’t mind, or so they say. It is contracted and translated into Italian by a publisher out of Rome, Dunwich Edizioni. They now hold all Italian rights to this book and likely this series.

The 2nd book in the Guardian Archives, Ratha-The Magic Within is scheduled for release 7/31/2014

And the 3rd Book in The Guardian Archives, Dante, is a widely anticipated release happening late Summer / Early Fall 2014

Her controversial and heated erotic poetry, which she usually shares for free over her many platforms is available now in an Anthology and is titled “Sexual Tendencies.” It can be found in ebook or print and has many talented authors that shared poetry and short stories for this steamy read that all proceeds go 100% to charity. Go pick up a copy and get great content that goes to a great cause. More about that charity on the Book Page.

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