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Guardian Archives Book 1 - Keltor

Okay, so there has been some weird stuff going down in Sageville recently but I am so happy to announce that it is GONE, GONE, GONE.

In its place there are some AMAZING things happening. And I just wanted to share this triple dose of awesome sauce with all of you. Oh yeah, I said it. This is AWESOME SAUCE.

First…lets remember that I’m an Indie Author. That means tons of sacrifice of my time to market, write, edit…etc, etc, etc. Add a full time job and a family and you get TIRED. But, working towards your dreams is especially rewarding on certain days. And sacrificing sleep is completely worth it when you see the following things start to happen.

First, a few days ago I had a massive freak out. I actually have an actor that wants to read 125K words of Keltor for an audio book. He auditioned knowing this is an Indie book and that it would be 18+ hours that he is only getting paid based on profit sharing. Can you say ROCK THE EFFING CASBAH? Uh, I did. Completely. I may have even squealed so hard that I spilled my wine…but you’ll never know. That said…HOLY CRAP.

Second, my book Keltor is published and doing fantastic in Italy. Can I express in words the joy I feel when I see my work being reviewed in Italian with 4 and 5 stars. No…there are no words for that. I am an INDIE AUTHOR. The fact that my work was picked up and translated to another language….yeah, beyond humbled by that. The fact that people are reading and loving it in Italy? God that just makes me so damn warm and fuzzy inside. Italy is my favorite place in the world and I will be going to meet fans there soon. Such a beautiful country that is so deep and rich with art and culture. It is my pleasure and I am grateful deep down to my soul that this opportunity was extended to me.

Okay, moving on into the week I also have my book covers on iphone cases and any other case imaginable. Also…are you a gamer? This person has made custom skins with my covers for any game system you have. So completely cool right? Um, yeah. And they will be digitally signed by Moi of course. A store will be posted soon on my website that will contain links for signed books and this deliciousness for sure.

Now, lets get to the last 24 hours of HOLY SHIT. There is a name in the author world and this name is so connected to everything and everyone in this industry. If you are a GREAT author…she has probably read your manuscript from your publishing house. She is world renowned in her interviews with best selling authors and is very well respected in our community. I FINALLY was able to get her to pick up and read Keltor. To say I was nervous was the understatement of the century. However, not only did she LOVE my world…but she also called me at 40% in to GUSH about the world building, the characters, the style and the mastery I have possessed in my craft. To say that there were tears in my eyes and that I was rendered quite speechless would be accurate. I truly believe that she waited to read my work out of fear that it would not be great and she would have to be honest with me because she is a friend first and foremost. As an author, let me tell you….find HONEST people to discuss your work with. It is so damn important.

Your street team loves you and can sometimes be too personally connected to you to give you honest feedback.

Beta readers SHOULD be honest…but again…as an Indie I find that a lot of betas glorify your work without any criticism because they love you as a person. This is not their job. A beta should tell you honestly if there are plot holes, grammatical things they couldn’t get past or if there are characters that they can’t connect to. I am very lucky to have betas that are very honest with me. In fact, I very carefully choose betas that WILL give an honest opinion whether I like it or not. That is who you need seeing your work before it goes for final editing.

All of that said…the person that read and reviewed Keltor was not a beta, was not a fan, was not a street team member. She is however one of the most prominent names in the Author world behind the scenes and in front of them. To have your work read and LOVED by this person is a total, brag-worthy notch on your author belt. To say I was overjoyed is not capturing it well enough. No, my work is not perfect. But to receive such high praise from someone that knows their reads is absolutely life changing. And truly it really may change my life. 5 well deserved stars? Why thank you…I am humbled and will be smiling all week from THIS 5 star review.

So….I’ve got to get back to revisions on Ratha. This release may be slightly delayed but not by much and only because I would never ever release anything but the best to you. You deserve 110% from me…and I promise that is always what you will get. As I have been editing and revising this work that was released free to my newsletter fans I have noticed a lot of errors that need to be corrected. As is usual with first drafts of any work. So, I’ve added a lot…removed a lot…corrected a lot and I’m finally in the 6th installment doing the same there. I have to review it in it’s entirety at least three more times before it goes to the editor once I’m done with this round and then it will be dependent on her time. So, thank you all for being so patient.

I am of course working on Dante diligently at the same time as well. Being that these worlds are connected it is easy to do so. Dante is HUGE and the story unfolding there is such an amazing one. You’re going to love it. My first book was pretty good. My second was much better. Keltor is my baby and I feel my best work but Dante….oh Dante….you haven’t seen anything yet my friends.

Much love to you all. Keep creating YOUR art. It is BEAUTIFUL. xoxo











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