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And So It Begins..

A new year. A great, powerful year filled with success and achievements that we shall only dream of until they come to pass. The year of the dragon suits me, since dragons play an essential role in the care of young, mortal Liz. Well, their blood does anyway since no one has seen one in centuries. Nonetheless, the dragon is good omen for the coming release. Now, if the final chapter would hurry up and get finished already I could get my books into the hands of some pre-readers and an editor.

PS. I found a new software that is absolutely, undeniably something that you Mac writers should not EVER go without again. (See previous blog). Oh the time I could reclaim for my life if only I had found it sooner!

Software to help writers work smarter

Scrivener. SCRIVENER. S-C-R-I-V-E-N-E-R.

Definition of this software: The BEST thing to ever happen to a writer. Especially a Mac user. They have it for Windows too but it was built to support Mac commands and of my goodness, how did I ever live without? It’s just sooooo fabulous. Easy, user friendly interface, publishing within seconds into ANY format and so many great features I can’t even go into the tip of the iceberg. So, go check it out if you write. It will be the best forty something dollars you have ever spent.

(On a side note, I had the one that you can buy from the Apple store, writers toolkit maybe? DOESNT HOLD A CANDLE TO SCRIVENER.)

So, now that I’ve done something I usually don’t but had to because of how amazing it is, it’s time to get back to Keltor. He’s in a bit of a bind right now. Happy reading, happy writing.

Blessings and Blissings to All. (Yes, I borrowed your line) 🙂

Jennifer Sage

Jennifer Sage

I love everything medieval even though my stories are fantasy/ paranormal urban romances. I love reading, writing, family time, movies, cooking, playing, great wine and stimulating conversation…not necessarily in that order.
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