Immortal Dreams, the first book in the Immortals series was published in 2011, and is followed by book two, Immortal Bound. They are part of an epic Urban Fantasy/ Suspense / Romance series.

Keltor, her first book in “The Guardian Archives” series, was published on Mothers Day 2012, and is categorized as Paranormal/ Fantasy/ Romance. A companion novel to this series, Ratha-The Magic Within was released 9/14/14 and is over 60K words. It is considered book 1.5. The 2nd and 3rd books in the “The Guardian Archives” series “Dante” will be launched in late fall 2014. Dante Part 1 is available now and is 140K words. Dante’s story will be answering everything that you were left with questions on in Keltor and Ratha. Unfortunately it will have to be released in two parts due to it’s size and the amount of stories contained therein. Ms. Sage believes that you will forgive her for that however once you have read it in its entirety.

There is also an erotic poetry Anthology that was released in May 2014 called “Sexual Tendencies” and not only does it contain Ms. Sage’s controversial erotic poetry but some other amazing authors as well. All proceeds to this work go to a charity that gets kids off the street and into art. More information on this amazing non profit can be found here at : Art Start

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