Sexual Tendencies

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Let your imagination run wild with the sexual tension in this heated Anthology that pairs a little sweet and a lot of naughty in one delicious place. It should be a sin to have this much fire in one book. Wait, it might be…

Twelve sizzling Authors and 200+ pages of talent awaits you within. Whether you like poetry or short stories, you will find your deviant muse here. Stroll through the minds of these great storytellers and get ready for the heat index to hit boil. You will not be disappointed, I assure you.

All proceeds of this work go to charity, helping keep kids off the streets and involved in art, so you can feel good about that too.  The information on this charity can be found here:  Art Start

Welcome to my world. Be careful though, it’s HOT in here.

~J. Sage


1. Jennifer Sage
2. Angel Cross
3. Christian Rostand
4. Rik Bertrand
5. Lyn Asmar
6. G.P.A.
7. Sophia E DiGonis
8. Susan Storm
9. Joseph A Pinto
10. Lori Reverie
11. Naomi Matthews
12. R.J. Redlynn

**This erotic poetry trailer should only be viewed by those 18 yrs old and over**



I read this book soon I got it..Took my breath away soon i started it...So well written, that every chapter i was reading took everything that it was in me out...the emotion, feeling love, the sensual tension, the imagination of every word written, the hot and the naughty...This book is splendid!!!!!!!I loved it!!!!!! It is so spicy reading it that i felt my body temperature rising!!!! So, if you like Poetry and short stories you have to get a copy..I will recommend..But be prepared its gonna get really hot when you read it...

Amazon Review

Amazon Review

What more do you want in an anthology?
You get the sensual writings of erotic poetry by Miss Jennifer Sage and 11 other fabulous authors’ works in this anthology that promises to leave you panting and hot and wanting more.

It's no secret that if you are a Sage fan, you'll know what to expect with this book.
There is something about Jen’s poetry that takes me to a wicked erotic place that I never knew existed. It’s passionate, deep and reaches in your soul when you read it. I must admit that i squirmed and got flush A LOT. HOT HOT HOT

I would recommend this to everyone I know who love reading erotic-poetry or short stories. All the talented authors included in this are just as steamy.
I would also love to see more of her poetry published.
I have a feeling, this was just a little nibble of what Jennifer can offer us from her poetry.
I will definitely be looking out for more.

Amazon Review

Amazon Review