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Dante-Part 2 has arrived!!!

I know I’m way behind on this blog but that’s because this lady has been working her little tail off on the bazillion things I’ve got going on, one of which was Dante-Part 2. I know that a year in the making is unacceptable but I’m hoping the length will make up for that. And since I’m 50K into another work that I know you’re going to love, I’ll forgive me for you. Wait, what? Yeah, it’s okay. I promise. I really tried to get D2 done by the book birthday of Part-1, which was 10/31/14, but I just couldn’t. Even now as I struggle with Amazon’s submission process, I’m pushing it. It’s live, but the formatting is off and they take forever to update content. I know there are some of you out there that don’t care that my em dash’s have all turned to double hyphens…but I do. I do, I do. However, after I filled my bath last night as I was waiting for Amazon to say it was live so I could pull it and re-upload, I promptly fell out. The last few weeks I’ve gotten maybe three hours of sleep a night and I’ve read this work so many times my eyes are crossing. Exhaustion won out, and I passed out, finding that this morning it was live.

So I left it.

Oh God, she did what???

Yep, I did. There are worse things than messed up em dashes after all.

An Author, given the opportunity, will work forever on a 400 page book. I could go through right now and find things that I want to elaborate on, or things that I want to change, but there comes a time when the Author must STOP. This is really hard for me because my worlds are so big and the side stories are so many. If it weren’t for the romance in it, what I write would be considered epic fantasy. There is soooooo, soooooo, much happening in my books and though I can never seem to promise much in the way of how they will play out, I can promise one thing: That’s not changing. There will always be big worlds full of fantastical things and side stories that ALL have a purpose. Please remember that. There is not one character I write that doesn’t have meaning. Not one. Not ever. There is not one subplot happening that isn’t there for a reason, whether it’s for this book or the continuation of the series. I promise you, that you will never get “filler” in my books just to add to length. Just like my Guardians, they don’t need help with that. ((Haha, bad Sage, bad!))

Where was I? Oh yes…the Prologue…

Without further ado, I want to share with you the prologue of Dante-Part 2, and the fact that you can get ALL my books for FREE leading up to Dante-Part 2 for one more day. That’s it, just one more day. Because I can’t eat if they’re always free, lol. So, for 2.99 you get nearly 1500 pages of hot, steamy, PNR. You’re waiting why? Here’s the links. Hurry, hurry, hurry…this won’t last. 🙂 Oh! And these works are stand alone only in the sense that you get a complete story within each however they MUST BE READ IN ORDER. Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. I just don’t want you starting with Ratha or Dante and then going backwards because the world won’t make sense. The world moves forward, even if each character gets their HEA in their story. Okay, now that we’re clear on the reading order, here they are, in order. <3

Keltor: Amazon: Free through 11/12-click here!

Ratha-The Magic Within: Amazon: Free through 11/12 – Click here ((yesssss, you must read the Novella too. It’s important and gives away some of what’s to come in Dante.))

Dante-Part 1 Amazon: Free through 11/12 – Click here

Dante-Part 2 Amazon: 2.99 for 1 week only!!-Click here

Okay now that we have that out of the way, lets share the Prologue. I REALLY want to share the Authors Note at the end of Dante-Part 2, but I can’t. If I do I’ll ruin the rest of the book and I can’t do that in good conscience. Speaking of, be careful on reviews. Don’t spoil 800 pages of reading pleasure by telling the end! Eeeeghad! Nooooooo. Just don’t do it, lol. Best practices are to give sound criticism without giving away the end or any major plot twists, etc. I know it seems scary, but it’s not, I assure you. And reviews really rock. It’s the way you get to say “thank you,” and, “keep writing more please,” to your favorite authors. It’s also how readers find us. If you really LOVE a lot of steamy sex scenes, and they are delivered, definitely put that stuff in your review! I don’t want someone who reads YA to stumble upon the Guardian Archives and get upset because their kindle started steaming. Really, I would feel horrible. Haha. Just kidding, kinda. 🙂

But seriously, reviews do help immensely, both for the Author, and the readers that are looking to delve into something new.

Here’s the Prologue, and a little something extra. 🙂

Dante-Part One, was a journey of a half million years. It ended here…

Dante has lost his Mate to a crazy Angel with wings. There is no greater pain for a Guardian than the loss of the only being they can ever love. Ripped from his arms as she was on the brink of death, Dante may go as crazy as Zaqar is. Put down like a rabid dog, he’s going to raise the Hells when he’s awakened from the forced slumber he’s been put in by Lucio to contain the damage he was causing. This Guardian is done with claims on his female. She. Is. HIS. Too bad the claims aren’t done with her.

Giovanna has suffered greatly again at the hands of a true sadist. Hidden so well for so long, she’s now going to have to fight to live through the destruction; if she even survives it at all. What are the shadows that dance in her Mortal eyes and where has she been taken? What’s behind the secret middle name that her family gave her, but she couldn’t use… ‘Zenobia?’  Dante’s Mate could not be Mortal, but she’s not an Immortal either. She’s just an empath. Right?

The Immortal’s have all lived their lives in lies, handed down from ancestors that can no longer lead them forward. Now, they must make a blind leap of faith and join the Guardians, or be cast out from the righteous in the fight for this world. If they’re not allies, they’re enemies…and there are already too many of those.

The Four have surfaced; the real antagonists behind all the Shadows that exist. They are the puppet masters, and they will not stop until they rule this world with their true children; the Demons. The Queen is in the Hells with all the Originals while the Prince remains free. The seals are breaking one by one, it’s already in motion. Nine daughters to break the seals of the Seven Hells. Three are already born….

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ And it doesn’t, just ask Thia. She’s got plans for her Guardian when he wakes and they don’t include any more menages. Her curse is taking over in no small strides and she’s bathing in the glory of her hate. It’s consuming her…and she likes it.

Zaqar has found his daughter that was slaughtered two thousand years ago. She is the tie that binds him to his Fated One and he would die before letting her go again. More than that though, he would kill. Paradise has had blood running through its valley before, and he would gladly let the rivers turn red again. Just like his eyes.

Revenge is a disease that destroys all that it touches. When all hope is gone, some seek to sustain on vengeance in its place. Poison slowly building in the blood over time.

The Pure One was the original rebel, the first Guardian to fight for our humanity. She is seen now, for the light she is to our world. Michael is watching, and this abandoned world is not so abandoned any longer it seems.

And that was just the cliff notes of Dante-Part One. Part Two, begins now….


In Part one, we learned all about “Revenge,” and some other things.
Here, let me spell it out for you….

Revenge is a dish that’s best served hot, accompanied by lorite-heavy beverages.
 Everything we never thought was real; revealed. (Sorry, still no non-Demon faeries here.)
Victory is sweetest when steeped in blood, even then savor, savor, savor…as the flavor fades fast.
Era’s ended, lots of new beginnings sprang forth too.
Nothing is what you thought it was before; new chapters, new doors.
Good things come to those who wait. (Pray, pray, pray this is true this time.)
Everyone has a motive, very few are what they seem. This one unfortunately, we know is true.

But revenge doesn’t end in Part One, even if I hope I can finally give you a…

All will be right in the world…

Its got to be okay, right? Sit back, grab some wine, and enjoy the ride of this epic conclusion to Dante’s book. It’s a veritable Inferno within the pages.

The Guardians are among us, and they’re not alone.

Happy Reading Everyone!!!

Much Love,

J. Sage xx



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