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Two New Books Coming For the Guardian Archives!

So, I’ve been advised by my Agent that I need to finish not just Dante-Part 2, but also Iliyana’s book. It’s a very tall order to have these both in editing by year end but I think I can do it! They are both about halfway done so if I divide my time equally each day I really believe I can have them both in revision stages at least by the end of the year. Will I be a lunatic by the time I’m done with possibly gray hairs escaping my head. Hell yes. Can it be accomplished? Hell yes. Oh, add the Christmas story ((Christmas at the Keep)) on there too that was supposed to be part of an Anthology that I had to respectfully bow out of due to contracts and rights issues for the Guardians and yep, one insane Ms Sage.

I’m really excited though. I work better with deadlines and I’m really enjoying the Christmas story. I’m keeping it lighthearted and funny which is a nice switch from the normally dark worlds that are present in the Guardian books. No one is dying but it is humorous catastrophe at its finest. 2 year old Raith is after all a toddler-sorceress that gives a whole new meaning to “the terrible two’s”…and Liya, well we all know her prowess in the kitchen is less than desirable. But God bless her, she tries so hard. And we love her for that very unique innocence that she has. Poor Liz and Keltor have been struggling to find any time alone with their little Angel getting into so much trouble all the time too. Will Christmas be a complete disaster or will they make it through in one piece? We will have to see. This work will go out to my newsletter fans first, then to the general public.

All in all we will be very busy in Sage-ville for awhile. Busy is good though, an idle mind is the devil’s playground…said someone famous.

In other news, Dante held strong in the top 100 for a week which was lovely to see. It’s very hard to get that kind of attention on a 3rd book in a series that must be read in order. You have to get new readers to commit to the entire series, not just the latest one. My books, while they are stand alone and do not contain cliff hangers (except for Dante, it was too big to release in 1 book), they must be read in order or people will be missing elements of character development and the world. You can’t pick up Dante and start reading from there. You have to start with Keltor or it won’t make sense. Wolff has a very small part in Dante for very good reason. If you don’t know that character, you’re completely missing a whole lot of back story. So yeah, I’m quite proud that I was able to get so many people to invest in the whole series. Thank you to the readers that helped me stay in the top 100. I promise to always give you the best story I can. I am still on the fence as to whether this is erotic romance or just romance when we get to Dante but I feel strongly it’s just romance still. The world is so big and it’s not JUST about the sex, even though there is a lot of it in this book.

Okay, back to the writing nook I go. I have a whole lot of writing to get done. Thank God I know where both of these full novels are going. Oh, and my next .5 in the series is going to blow your mind. Controversial and completely Sage-worthy.

Happy reading!!!!

Much Love,

Jen xx

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