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Sooooo, there is a lot going down in Sage-ville. Dante-The Guardian Archives, Part 1 is ready for betas. After 8 revisions, it’s finally ready for me to hand over my swaddling baby to readers and I’m totally biting my nails as I wait for them to come back to me. Beta readers, in case anyone needs to know what they are, are the people that read your work before it goes to a proper paid editor. These trusted beta’s are the people that should be so brutally honest with you about your work that they sometimes make you cringe with their feedback. They are NOT there to fangirl/ fanboy you. They are there to point out glaring grammatical errors or plot holes that could really destroy your work. An editor is paid to fix grammatical errors. A REALLY good editor throws things back at you that have plot issues. But really, your beta’s should tell you what’s wrong. If you have good beta’s anyway. Mine are over the moon fabulous. And I love them immensely.  If you’re an Indie Author, step one is to find fabulous, honest beta readers. If you need help finding the right ones, please email me…I’m happy to help you on the right path to finding both Beta’s and ARC readers that will blow your mind. After 5 years, I definitely have learned a few things.

Next, Italy wants the rest of the series. Can we get an “EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!???” Oh hell yes we can. There were a few weeks that I was running with the hottest NY Times Bestselling Authors in the top 100 and how did that make me feel? Fanfuckingtastic. Oh yes. To have my work contracted and translated into my favorite language, in my favorite place in the world is AMAZING. And they are paying me for that? Oh yes, happy Author. When I get my Villa in Italy, my publisher and their staff there are going to come rock the casbah with me like never before. I AM going back to Italy. Someday, for good. The culture, the food, the people, the art….it is divinity embodied. If you haven’t been there, put it on your bucket list. And then, prepare yourself because if you’re an artist ((I’m a word artist))…of any kind, you will fall in love with that world and you WILL want to stay. Just saying.

Next, it’s time to get down with Audible. Yes, this Indie Author has contracted an Actor to have her books put to the verbal stadium and soothe your precious ears as you fall asleep or drive your car or make fantastic art in your kitchen otherwise known as dinner. Oh yes, that’s coming. And this little Author can’t WAIT.

Now, onto some unsavory topics. STREET TEAMS. I’m going to explain what they are and what they should never be. What they should be: Supporters of their Authors. People that want to promote their Author in the most beautiful way they can with whatever time they have to give that Author. They should NOT be expected to do anything more than they are capable of. People have lives. People have responsibilities. People have families that they must take care of and be part of. My own street team is fabulous. And they ALL KNOW that the only thing I require of them is that they have read my work and love it. If they can share that love, then I am happy. If they don’t have time to, I am happy. Because their only requirement in MY street team, is to have read and loved my work.

Now, some Indie Authors feel the need to have their street teams do quite unsavory things. Like give dishonest reviews on their work ((Give me 5 stars because you love me and not because the work is worth it)), attack other Authors in the same genre on theirs and overall set a very bad example of what a street team’s purpose is. Recently, I have been involved in some quite unsavory things that I’m too good of a person to re-hash here. But I can tell you, that all street teams are not created equally. And I’ll just leave that there. Some advice for new Authors from this seasoned one would be….Be original. Do your own thing no matter what and the rewards of that will be plenty. Just do your own thing, write your art and be YOU. Do not be a culmination of other artists. Just be you. That my friends is what will really set you aside from all the other Authors out there. If you want to be noticed, you must be original. And for the love of God DO NOT condone bad behavior towards other Authors. It’s just truly bad form and poor taste. Being professional means that you expect your team to be professional too. And if you’re actually cheering on that kind of behavior? Well that’s rather shameful. Karma is watching…

Oh, and there are some seriously fabulous other things that I can’t share right now….contracts do not allow for it. But, more updates soon.

Much Love, Happy Reading and from the original persona, I wish you all lots of love and xx’s.

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Jennifer Sage

I love everything medieval even though my stories are fantasy/ paranormal urban romances. I love reading, writing, family time, movies, cooking, playing, great wine and stimulating conversation…not necessarily in that order.
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