Jennifer Sage’s Book Reviews

A collection of reviews for books from Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Author Jennifer Sage

Jennifer Sage’s Book Reviews: A collection of reviews for Keltor and Immortal Bound and Immortal Dreams from some great reviewers.

Texxie Prufreads Review of Keltor

I wasn’t quite sure how this book was going to play out for me. I struggled in the beginning and you guys know I’m a kindle’er lol and speak in percentage. That being said, it wasn’t until I hit the 25% mark that the book not only grabbed me but also held me all the way to the end.

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Vampire Romance Books Critic Review of Keltor

Being a sucker for a warrior with a thick Irish brogue, I fell head over heels with Keltor right away.  He is quite the alpha male, which makes him utterly irresistible! I also had great sympathy for his character and his turmoil.  Liz is a strong leading female, she finds out she is a Keeper, which essentially means she can tip the balance between the light and dark sides.  I like the way she took her new found knowledge of this whole other world she knew nothing of in stride.

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Booknatics Review of Keltor (Guardian Archives) by Krystle and Sky

The first installment in the “Guardian Archives” gave me a sense of familiarity of worlds I have fallen in love with in the past. However, it certainly holds up its own brand of uniqueness. The world-building is so incredible that I fell instantly drawn in. In fact, I didn’t even realize how absorbed into the story I was until my dog started howling at the neighbors. I jolted out of the scene, finding that I was several chapters in, just absolutely startled. THAT my lovelies, means triumph to the author who can cause any sort of reaction like that out of me.

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Persephone of Erebus Review of Keltor

There is a lot to love. The world building is great. Set in the present time but in a world we mortals never see. The H/h sexual tension. Can you say hot? Because Keltor and Liz are so hot they are combusting all over the page.

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Texxie Prufreads Review of Immortal Bound

Immortal Bound picks up where Immortal Dreams left off and wow does Amele have her hands full! The Warrior Queen was an easy stand out in book one and in this installment, she truly meets her match. Amele is a strong, independent and prideful woman and even though she’s long had eyes for the Elemental God Nikolai, she won’t come easy.

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