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A Journey I’ve Waited a Really Long Time To Go On..

Life has happened this past year. In all its glorious ups and downs..all the lessons just so mind bending that I haven’t written in awhile. I have been picking up and putting down the next book in “The Guardian Archives” series and while its an incredible journey, my soul just hasn’t been in it. Which in my opinion makes it lackluster, and that is something inconceivable for me.

So I’ve waited until creation flowed again….and it has.

There is a journey I’m taking soon to lands so rich in art and history I’m going to have no problems with words flowing on paper. E-ink of course from my macbook but I will be writing with pen and ink too. Poetry is so much sweeter when written the old fashioned way and even in this era of technology I still can’t let go of that kind of writing.

It’s a journey I’ve waited a really long time to go on and one that is going to take me to new heights in my heart and soul. It is going to be surreal, and that dream world I am told I live in will live and breathe in every waking and sleeping hour. It’s beautiful. It’s life. It’s soon….

I don’t know where the winds will take me there. Plans are not so cemented that they can’t change and the plans that are made are so loosely formed that even they could metamorphosis into anything. It’s the way I prefer to travel. Getting lost in exactly what I should at exactly the right time. I will not have my phone on…there will be no alarm clocks and no appointments. Just breathing, living, writing. I’m not sure I remember what such a life is like really. It’s been so long since I ever had no one but myself to care for.

So world, this is just an update. I am still here, I am still writing and I hope to have Iliyana’s story to you soon. Though there is another story brewing too and it’s still part of the Guardians saga, but it’s one we haven’t met yet. I’ve never written two books at once but currently that’s what’s happening. Iliyana’s story will be released this year, but I’m not sure if her’s or P’s will be first. Either way, you will love them both. Transcendent things are happening in the awesome world of the Guardians.

Take care and keep reading friends. And whatever your personal style of doing it, never stop creating. Creation is life after all….. 🙂

Jennifer Sage

Jennifer Sage

I love everything medieval even though my stories are fantasy/ paranormal urban romances. I love reading, writing, family time, movies, cooking, playing, great wine and stimulating conversation…not necessarily in that order.
Jennifer Sage
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