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Keltor nominated for best book of 2014!!!

Guardian Archives Book 1 - Keltor

Authors on the Air with the magnanimous hostess with the mostess has announced this week that “Keltor-The Guardian Archives” has been nominated for the BEST BOOK OF 2014!!!! This is AMAZING NEWS. #Authorbliss #happydance

This is an honor, a privilege, and a monumental moment in my literary career.

This is not some Facebook award. This is not a contest that goes on where voting is “fixed” so that the person with the most time on their hands can vote for themselves over and over again or the Indie Authors friends own the blog and yep, books that would never stand a chance in an honest contest are finalists. ((Yes, that happens. A lot. Despicable huh? Welcome to the new world. There will be a blog on this later because it’s actually been rampant lately, these kinds of things…)) But I digress…((And please, to the many awesome blogs/ groups that would never condone such asshatery, you ROCK. The preceding sentences were not meant for your amazing, lovely, honest, and pimp-worthy pages. Just to be clear.)) xx

I have a lot of blogger friends and know a lot of groups that are amazing for connecting readers to Authors and they are awesome. I’ll give examples of some of the more unsavory things in the blog devoted to that when I get to it. It’s going to be more of an overall Indie Ethics blog. I think it’s time I wrote one of those considering I’ve seen a lot since 2010. It will be an excellent guide for new Authors and what they can expect, etc.

Anyway, THIS, is not one of those things. This is a major honor and out of hundreds (400-500 likely) of great books that were read this year by this person, Keltor is standing tall as a nominee with some seriously talented, best selling Authors. I don’t even care if I win. To be nominated alone was one of the greatest moments of my career as an Author. Especially next to some of the biggest names in fiction. And especially by this very distinguished individual of literary prowess.

This is hands down, the best news I’ve had since I was solicited to my now signed agent that is going to rock NY and the world with me. HBO baby, HBO. ((Right before Game of Thrones perhaps??? lol)) I want to have some deep conversations with the mastermind behind one of my favorite series ever. We can chat about world building and fantasy and how Hollywood isn’t allowed to destroy our work! Then I’ll meet Karen Moning and JR Ward for lunch as we chat about where our books are headed. ((It could happen. No, it WILL happen. Someday)) Haha.

On a side note, also regarding Keltor, I’m happy to announce as well that in the US and the UK, I’m still in the top 100 in up to three sub-genres even after the thousands of downloads when  it was free over a week ago. Sales are flying and new readers are getting sucked into the amazing story of the Guardians, worldwide. I’m so very happy about that. Oh, and I have a surprise regarding the #GuardianArchives that I can’t release yet. It’s going to ROCK though, that is for certain. More to come on that…

If you would like to listen in to the show for the Award for Best Book of 2014, you can do so HERE on December 17th at 8pm EST. The show will be live and although it’s not a requirement, I will be having some bubbly when we’re live (yes, totally Sage-style) and you can feel free to join me in celebrating! Again, just being nominated is so amazingly awesome.

I’ve got to get back to writing, I have a lot of goals that are due within a week. Where has the time gone? It’s almost Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then the beginning of what is going to be the best year of my life, professionally speaking.

2015, here I come. With a BANG!!!

Ciao4now and Much Love,

Jen Sage xx




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