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Keltor Price Reduction and Dante news

In light of the pending release of “Ratha-The Magic Within” which is a companion novel to “Keltor- The Guardian Archives”…I have decided to reduce Keltor permanently until after both books are released. Ratha-The Magic Within is the story of Ratha (aka Mimi) that was a 1200 year old mortal sorceress in Keltor. She was the Mother of our 3rd eldest Guardian Logan and Grandmother of the heroine Elizabeth. How did a mortal stay alive for so long? Where did she come from? Who was Logan’s father? All of this is revealed as well as where we are headed in Dante, who the Immortals are that we met in Dark Heart in Keltor that we knew so little about and the epic love story that is hers.

What was supposed to be a 25K novella is now a 50K Novel…who knew I can’t write small books? (Insert Ms. Sage laughing here) It’s no surprise that I felt rushed ESPECIALLY at the end when I had to cover so much time in such a small amount of words. *Sigh*….BUT, I had to wrap it up. Because Dante’s book is so, so consuming. I could have written another 100K words on Ratha’s story alone but I couldn’t. I have to give you what you have patiently awaited which is Dante. When I give you Dante in a few months I am going to blow the roof off PNR. The world I have created is so well thought out, so different and of course, epically sizzling. I have so many surprises in Dante and everything that I left you wondering about in Keltor will be answered and SO, SO MUCH MORE.

If you haven’t read Keltor and love suspenseful PNR, you should quickly because you’re not going to want to be behind when Ratha and Dante are both released. Keltor is 125K words and not a small story. I know this book (Dante) has taken a long time to get to you all and although I would apologize for that I just can’t and here is why.

As a professional author, I do not believe in writing crap just to have a release. If it is not going to BLOW YOUR MIND then it is not worth me writing and releasing it to my fans. I could have gone back to the Immortals series and given you book 3 there but I was working out Dante in my head. And oh my God, I’m so glad I did. This book is going to change everything and you will understand more when you read it. I have numerous main story lines happening and all of them are integral and epic. In Dante, I am going to reveal everything and set the stage for the other 13 books coming behind it. Now that I understand fully, I can write much faster and give you what you expect from me. Which is amazing books.

I refuse to write a book and release it just to add more to my author page. Finishing a work and writing “The End” does not, I repeat, DOES NOT mean a work is done. It means your first draft is done. If your eyes aren’t bleeding after editing and editing and revising and editing a hundred times before you send it to your actual editor, then you’re missing the most important part of writing a great book. How does each scene push your book forward? What does it teach your readers about the characters? Nothing? Then remove it. This is writing 101. A book should not be filled with junk just so you can get to a certain word count, throw it to an editor and say it’s a novel. If you do not have respect for your readers by giving them the very best work you can write, ultimately they will lose respect for you. And unless you’re participating in NanoWrimo, you should not attempt writing and publishing work like you are a participant. That contest is meant to speed write and it is expected that there will be some grammatical and storyline holes. Some really amazing authors have succeeded in this event but they do not attempt to write all of their books that way.

I also have financial responsibilities to my family and all of my editing, cover art, formatting, marketing etc comes out of my pocket. I work very hard in the real world so that I can afford to pay for all of this. When I gave up working with two different publishers I knew that the road ahead would not be easy but easy is never where greatness comes from. There’s an old saying for this actually. “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy.” The cover for Keltor was paid in installments to the amazing Claudia with and that’s how it has to be sometimes. I do not ask for handouts to make my dreams come true. I work my ass off to make them come true. As it should be. Call me old school if you want, I just call it integrity. My work speaks for itself and speaks for the love and passion I have in telling you original tales that are not rushed just to be released. ((Oh, speaking of release, I saw on the Nook and Amazon pages for “Keltor” the Italian version with my publisher in Rome, Italy- Dunwich Edizioni….how awesome was that? Very!


There is a reason why bestselling authors release 1-2 full length novels a year. And a full length novel should be 70-120K words, I don’t care what the charts say. The reason for this is that even with a team of beta’s, editors, etc behind them, they revise, revise, revise….send it off, get it back and revise some more. It is never “done” when it is “done”…..not until it’s really done. lol. Which is why it took a few extra weeks for me to release the final installment of Ratha through my newsletter after I announced it was done. This is just a companion novel but it had to be amazing and I wasn’t going to release the end until it was perfect. Now it’s time to go revise the whole story a hundred times, hand it to my editor and THEN it will be done in full. ((Ack! Don’t even get me started on the overuse of the word “Mine” in these installments which will of course be edited out…or the fact that there was an “s” missing from the end of the word “assess” in one installment of that work..well, yeah….hahahaha))

However me stating my own grammatical imperfections just solidifies the facts above. You have to write, write, write…and when you’re done, the real work of editing begins. And that process for most authors can take the same amount of time as writing the book itself. Could I write a book in a month if I had no other responsibilities in life? Of course. Would it be shit if I didn’t spend the same if not more time editing and revising that story to perfection. Yes again.

So, while I would like to apologize for not getting Dante to you sooner I just can’t. Because if I had it would have fell flat of what it was supposed to be and I will not do that to you. I want nothing less than for my readers to sit back after they get done with this book and go “Holy Shit….did she really just do that?”

Why yes darling, I did.

Now, take a breath and go back to the real world you couldn’t tend to while you were reading this amazing world I’ve written. Because I promise that Dante is going to blow you away if you read and loved Keltor. This story is so big and epic that there is one thing I will apologize for and that is the size of it needing to be broken into 2 books. The first half and second will both be around 100K words. I couldn’t possibly release something so large in 1. But I also promise that the 2nd half will be worth the one time cliffhanger I will ever make you mad at me for. And you will NOT wait long after book 1.

I’m about to bring you a whole new world that no one has ever touched before in my Genre. It is hot and epic and the Guardians are back with a vengeance.

All of that said, get Ratha on 7/31/14 and see the beginning of all the worlds. It is an erotic tale of the most powerful mortal to ever walk the earth. Her love defied time and space and universal laws. And it is HOT, HOT, HOT.

Much love and happy reading my friends,

~Jen Sage




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