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Happy New Year 2015!

Every day that I wake up is reason to celebrate, just ask me in the evening when I’m enjoying a glass of red wine. Ha. But seriously, I feel as if I’ve had so many blessings this year and I can only be grateful. I think that during the holidays especially, people tend to reflect more and I am no exception. It’s been a struggle in many ways but nothing worthwhile is ever easy right? I don’t mind struggling. It makes what I’m struggling for so much sweeter when it comes to pass. Sleepless nights writing? Check. Budget non existent for swag and fun stuff? Check. Healthy? Check. Grateful? Check. Full of love? Check, check, check!

An attitude of gratitude is so important year round really to make it through the harder times. I find that you can make it through just about anything with the right mental attitude. In fact, this year I’ve made a gratitude jar and am including a picture of it. I fell in love with the idea of this jar when I first saw it. Instead of making wobbly at best resolutions on the New Year, you do this instead. Decorate a jar called your “Gratitude Jar” and throughout the year, when really fabulous things happen, you write them down, fold up the happy piece of paper and drop it in. This can be personal accomplishments, family moments of bliss, the first opening of your favorite lily in the springtime. Whatever. Anything you’re grateful for will work. My goal this is year is to have at minimum, 365 pieces of paper in that jar by NYE of 2015. This should be fairly easy for me as I tend to find gratitude each and every day in something.

So, when you’re popping the champagne on New Years Eve, you also pop open your jar and begin reading all those wonderful moments of your year. All the things you’ve succeeded in doing. All those things that brought a smile to your face. All those moments of gratitude. And what better way to begin a new year, than with all that gratitude in your heart? I can’t think of any other than being surrounded by your loved ones who will be there witnessing the retelling with you, of course.

So, in 2014, I was grateful for so many things. I won prestigious awards for my work with the Guardians. I’ve got an Agent that is going to be rocking 2015 with my work. I’m Internationally acclaimed with the Italian version of Keltor and was nominated there for top books of 2014 as well as being in the top 100 in sales next to Kresley Cole, JR Ward, Karen Moning, etc. Did that just tickle me pink? Oh yes, it did. I’ve got audible contracts being worked on, released three beautiful books that I’m very proud of and whew, that’s just my Author side. Oh, and Dante Part-2 is just around the corner! Did I mention all the creative, wonderful people that helped bring Dante into fruition? No silly, not writing it, that’s MY job. But I got to work with cover models and photographers and graphic artists, etc. And I found the best editor in the world, Kelly Hartigan with XterraWeb. Look her up if you need the best and mention my name. You’ll get a 10% discount off her already reasonable rates for her superior services.

My family is blessed with good health. (For the most part anyway, there were a few battles this year that we got through. I’m a warrior, I will always kick the proverbial a$$ of the illnesses I fight!) We make do with what we have with pride, always, and I couldn’t be more proud of my very talented, very creative daughter. She is actually working on her own book and it’s really, really good. At eight years old she is writing a chapter book. Hmmmm, apple doesn’t fall far at all! Everyone has their own battles and you won’t catch me crying about mine but you can typically find me trying to help others through theirs. Pay it forward. Not just a book/ movie. It’s a way of life for some. And not just during the holidays!

So, on that note, I hope you all have had a wonderful beginning to your 2015 and if you make a gratitude jar, I would love to see it! Please post your creative minds in the comments. 2015 is going to surpass 2014 and 2014 was a damn fine year! Happy New Year, 2015!!!!

Much Love and Blessings to you all in the glorious year of 2015. Remember to find something every day, even on the worst of days, that keeps the gratitude shining brightly in your soul.

~Jen xx

Jennifer Sage

Jennifer Sage

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