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Guardian Archives Book 1 - Keltor

With the pending release of “Ratha-The Magic Within” which is an erotic Companion Novel to “Keltor-The Guardian Archives” and the additional pending release of “Dante-The Guardian Archives” ((which is my best work yet. Oh God….I am writing like the wind and this story is going to blow your minds…))….well with those things and my health I have been burning candles at every end lately. There are blog tours upcoming, giveaways on my fan page going rampant and I think I may collapse soon from the constant marketing and writing.

Good thing I have been ordered to rest. Haha. As if I do that very well. But, my office change to the pool has been a refreshing change for sure.

“Keltor” is now live in Italy and 4/5 star reviews are coming in which thrills me. An interview with a local Roman tabloid will be released as soon as I have finished it. I will share that when it’s live.

There are also still plans to go to the UK later this year and be a guest speaker. That is still not set in stone but I am in the process of negotiating my travel, etc. I will also be going to Italy again later this year or early next. When Dante is released I have a feeling my presence in Rome will be requested. Not that I’ll mind going “home” or anything.

I am also reviewing auditions for something really cool that I can’t announce yet, but that I will. Yes I am leaving you in suspense but really, do you expect anything else from me? Ha….of course you don’t.

So, this is really just an update on where I am and what you have to look forward to. I MAY give you “Immortal Beloved” which is book three in the Immortals series before the end of the year but I don’t know for sure. There are 13 books lined up in the Guardian Archives series and the one after Dante is already begun as well.

Fans, keep an eye on my facebook fan page. In the coming weeks I will be giving away a ton of my work.

Happy reading, happy writing and be well my friends. Work hard and be consistent in your goals. It does pay off if you’re giving 110% to what you’re doing. We all have families and lives outside of our dreams. The moment when they can all mold together in harmony is the moment all authors wait for. For me, that is happening right now.

I wish the best of everything to all of you in the pursuit of happiness.

And it’s okay sometimes to just sit back and ponder life, love and the mysteries of your navel. Haha. ((An old friend of mine used to say that. And I never forgot it. Master Ben, I miss you.))


Ratha - The Magic Within
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