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Update from Keltor and Liz on their baby

Guardian Archives Book 1 - Keltor

Hi everyone, quick update on the state of things for Elizabeth and Keltor.

I just wanted to let you all know that I heard from Liz and she was an absolute hot mess. When my cell phone rang and the number came up as an Ireland number you can imagine I picked it up immediately. I haven’t heard too much from them lately and now I understand why.

“Jen, you have to write something in to stop her. She’s out of control and I’m losing my ever loving mind. I need a book on how to raise a sorceress please, and quickly.”

From there it was just bad, bad, bad. Liz really is losing her mind and with all the Demonic activity everywhere she’s alone with her a lot. If I could fly to Ireland and help I would but I have my own pressing things here I have to deal with. Book releases and such. But if she calls me again as upset as she was I may have to just hop on a flight and help out for a few weeks.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes…..

Raith was named after her grandmother Ratha who died protecting Logan and Elizabeth, as we know. What we don’t know is anything about this little Angel. Well, her mother would argue at this point that she has horns holding up her halo and I can’t say I blame her after the conversation we just had. They are all sleeping in his underground room where that Elemental Fire is because Raith has destroyed the Keep again. Yes, I said again. You see, no one really knew how this would turn out. This little munchkin is the great granddaughter of one of the most powerful sorceresses to ever walk the earth, the granddaughter of a Guardian and the daughter of both a Guardian and a Keeper. (Never had such a thing happened in the history of the world…so no one was sure what to expect.)

Well, they didn’t expect two year old tantrums (that are now four year old tantrums) that could shake the entire coast of Ireland, destroy the Keep and now the little darling has learned how to shift. Oh Goddess help us. Liz is threatening to put her in a bubble for a year (she’s only half kidding) and I have a hunch that Keltor is drinking a bit more heavily than usual lately. *Sigh* The bubble thing has happened on a few occasions actually just to get her to calm down and not hurt herself or others. The problem is, she’s so powerful and smart that it can’t hold her. And now that she’s shifting….yeah….Liz is going to have gray hairs before long.

Her grandpa Logan helps as much as he can and Liya pops in from time to time when she’s not hunting Shadows but I’m not sure if Liya being there really helps. She is so impressed with Raith’s abilities I have an inkling that she is encouraging her to push her limits and then sneaking her yoohoo’s afterwards. You see, little Raith is a master of the elements at four years old and she can summon any of them to do her bidding. Don’t even get me started on the village fire after Liz told her she couldn’t have that toy she wanted in the window of the store. I really hope that shop owner had insurance is all I can say about that. Luckily no one was hurt.

Liz is afraid to leave the Keep with her even to run to the market. Trying to grocery shop with a powerful four year old that has not learned what “no” means is impossible and embarrassing when food starts flying off shelves and out of other shoppers carts. For now, all their groceries and basic necessities are purchased by their staff and brought in. Luckily, Thaelin is able to rebuild the walls fairly quickly but this is the third time and Liz is just a wreck. I’m worried about her. There is talk of a Priatch coming from the White to work with her but if they don’t get there soon Ireland may be in shambles. And Liz is completely not happy with Raith playing hide and seek anymore as she shifts to other continents. Hardly fair. But one time she did bring her father a flower back from Hawaii. They still can’t determine if the volcanic activity on Honolulu that day was her or not because when they ask her about it she just says she didn’t do it.

Keltor believes everything she says even though he sees what she is capable of because really, what father’s daughter doesn’t have him wrapped around her finger? And she really is so sweet sometimes. The pictures Liz have sent my by email are just darling and she does not at all look like she is capable of what I just heard about by phone. But listening to Liz, I believe every bit of it. There was also a lot of rumbling in the background that sounded like more rocks falling and a squeal for ice cream. So there’s that too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that call with you and let you all know that Liz is hopeful the terrible two’s will end by five and to please pray that a Priatch will come help teach her soon. If she can just get a handle on her powers and when it’s acceptable to use them she could be such an asset in this war. Not anytime soon of course, but someday. Over her parents dead bodies too of course…but I have a feeling Raith will get her way in life when it comes to certain things once she’s older.

Liz really needs some adult time with Keltor’s Irish brogue in the worst of ways but until the Keep is rebuilt that is not happening. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Much Love,




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  • Julie Garrett

    OMG I love this…Please tell me your gonna write this story???

    • jensage

      Julie, we will definitely be learning more about Raith in Dante’s book releasing this fall and through all the other Guardian books to come we will watch her grow. If she’s this much of a handful now, I guarantee she will get her own book down the line. 🙂 Thank you for reading and have a great day!

      • Julie Garrett

        i will be waiting with my finger on the “one-click” button….

        • Jennifer Sage

          Thank you so much 🙂 xoxo

  • Angel Cross

    HAHAHAHA!!!! OMG!! Thanks for the update!!!!!! I think we should conjure up some money and fly to Ireland to help Liz out! i’m game!! It was nice to hear from them. Tell Liz next time Jen and Angel are on our way!! 🙂

    • jensage

      Thank you Angel I will! I think we should definitely go help a sister out. Plus I know someone in Ireland that has made Keltor mead so drinks would be a plenty! Haha.