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Update! Immortal Dreams and Immortal Bound are OFF THE MARKET

Just a quick note for those of you looking for Immortal Dreams and Immortal Bound. ((I’ve been getting a lot of emails looking for them lately and this is an easier response.))

They’re gone and have been for over a month. But don’t freak out, they’re coming back better than ever. :))

You see, I signed a contract with an amazing NY Literary Agent in 2014 and we’ve begun the search for the right house to represent me. That being said, the work I did five years ago (Immortal Dreams and Immortal Bound), are not the level of quality I produce today. So I pulled them. I’m going through and making sure the Sage magic is perfect in them. I want ALL my backlist bought, not just the Guardians. And since Immortal Beloved, the 3rd book in that series isn’t far behind after Dante-Part 2 is released, I had to make the first 2 books shine. Sooo, they’re gone. They’re getting new covers and more importantly, updated content that is going to make those kindles sizzle.

Hold on tight, this new version is taking us on a hell of a ride.

As an Indie Author, one of the beauties is that I can do that. I can take down work, cringe at my dialog (Yes, I did a few times), and FIX it. It was my first book, five years ago. It’s okay that it’s not the quality I put out today. An Author should grow with every book. And I most certainly have. It’s a great story but it needed a good few revisions and a new line edit. Now, when it’s presented, it will be the best story it can be based on my skill set TODAY, not five years ago. And having just finished the first round of revisions of Immortal Dreams, the work is now 90K words instead of 70K and it reads sooooo much smoother. I’m so very excited to bring the new series of the Immortal Realms books to you. Anticipated release of Immortal Dreams is within a month and within 2 months, Immortal Bound. Amele and Nikolai have a ton of new content too, about 4 chapters worth. So even if you’ve read these books in the past, I can assure you that reading them again will be an entirely new adventure.

PS. Just a reminder. DO NOT CALL THEM FAERIES!!!! Haha. If you don’t understand that, you will.

Cia4now, I’ve got a lot more work to do!

Jen xx

Jennifer Sage

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