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The Last Valkyrie- LIVE!

Whew, what a freaking ride the last few weeks have been! I’m so, so happy that the first book in the trilogy is DONE and out there for your viewing pleasure. 18+ only please, for now. There will be a YA version of this series, but it’s not this one, lol. Kara, our heroine of #TLV was a surprising character to me. My female leads are always strong, but she is different. She’s got so much power, but also so much heart, that it was hard not to fall in love with her. She’s such a badass, really, and we will see more of her mad skills in the coming books, but book 1 was truly the beginning of a a journey I wasn’t entirely expecting when I began.

“I mean it Zane. Just because you’ve made me whimper your name doesn’t make me some stay at home Betty Crocker. I’m a Valkyrie. The last one if I recall, and I am made to war. Now release me hot stuff, and let’s fry us some Trolls.”


Yeah, I totally didn’t see that ^^^ when this story was originally mulling around in my head a year ago. I saw a mature immortal, one that was powerful and strong, and able to lead the way to Valhalla once she figured out how to break the magick guarding it and BE a Valkyrie. Then I wrote the first line, which is a quote from Kara, and realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. She’s powerful and strong, but she’s also a bit immature. We will grow with her during these books, and by the end of book one, she’s definitely been forced into some serious growth. Not telling you more about that though, you’ll just have to read the book. :))

Valkyrie's Rule

I have no idea what show the above is from. Those of you that have been following me a while know that I don’t watch tv. That said, she’s pretty damn cool. When I grow up, I want wings too.  :))

So, now that book 1 is done, and since there’s a MASSIVE cliff, I suppose I should finish book 2 for you rather quickly. Don’t worry, I plan to have the entire trilogy done in 2016, but they won’t all be published likely until the book birthday of this one, 2/14/17. Book 2 should be released around summertime this year. I’m not sure why Amazon is saying this book is only 300 pages, because it’s 110K words, but just know that it’s longer than that.

Please, please, please come tell me what you think when you’re done reading, and whether you’re team Zane, or team Rune at the end. I guarantee you’re going to flip flop a little between them when you’re reading. Sorry/ not sorry about all of it. I guarantee you’re going to hate me a little, too. But at some point, I’ll make it better, I promise.

Two powerful Alpha’s, and they’re both wanting to roast each other right now. Zane, in a very literal way on the roasting part, lol. Team Zane fans will like this:

Zane Dragon

So, this one is short and sweet because I’ve got normal stuff to do today, like clean! Something always suffers when I have a release coming, and there was a whole lot of lost sleep in the last few weeks, and a whole lot of cleaning not done as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and are now snuggling up with my world of #TLV. It will be a journey you won’t regret, or forget, any time soon. MUAH! xx

Much Love,

Jennifer Sage xx


The Last Valkyrie: Urban Fantasy Romance that will melt your kindle and make you fall in love, lust, and everything in between. You will also want to throw your kindle and curse out the author…but I’m okay with that. :))

Buy links after “what readers are saying.” Don’t miss out on one of the hottest fantasy romance releases of 2016. For sale during release week only, for $3.99. Happy reading!!! xoxo

What readers are saying:

“Break out the tissues, get ready to laugh, cry, yell at your Kindles or e`readers and at times even throw them across the room. To compare this book with any other paranormal or urban fantasy book would not do it justice.”

“The Last Valkyrie is so very unique and captivating that one cannot simply just put this story down and move onto the next.”

“I was gifted an ARC by the Author for an honest review….honestly I have never read anything quite like this. Ms. Sage draws pictures with her words of fanciful places, battles, love, lust and longing.”

“I expected nothing less than an absolutely amazing story and definitely was not disappointed!!!!”

“I read this book in a day because I truly could not put it down once I started reading it.”


See the symbol there ^^^^? That is Odin’s Horns, and the symbol that marks this entire series. It was pretty cool to see readers of mine get the Guardian Archives symbol tattooed on themselves, I’m sure I’ll see some Horn’s of Odin as well. I already know where mine is going too. :))

The Last Valkyrie- Buy Links

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Print Copy: TBA

18+ only due to sexual content and language

Release Day Teaser
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    is the second book to The Last Valkyrie out yet

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    I LOVE the book and I can’t wait for the second one to be released! I know that I needed a few tissues because the tears started flowin. Such a wonderfully written book, can’t wait to see what happens next