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It’s my BIRTHDAY present to YOU….Valkyrie anyone?

Yay, it’s my birthday!!! I’m 30!!! ((Ha, well, we’ll just say I celebrate my annual 30th each year since my 30th and leave it there shall we?))

Or it was birthday that is. Sorry, I was a little busy. With what might you may ask?

Oh, just writing THE END on that super secret project I haven’t been telling anyone about while I’ve been writing it, except little teasers here and there with important things removed. But guess what? Since it’s done, I thought I would give you a whole lot of Zane and Kara right here since I’ve been teasing you mercilessly with them the last few months. First, a few thank yous, and a little on writing, and then, a whole lot of steam and the reveal of the name of this new series. Are you ready??? I said, ARE YOU READY????

Because oh holy Vanir, I have been so, so ready to share this for a while, but I had been advised not to until I wrote those two little words. “The End.” Which I did. Yesterday. On my BIRTHDAY. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!

Okay, okay, Sage, settle down and lets get to this. :))

Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes by PM, text, on my Facebook wall and by phone. I was inundated with the amount of love that came my way yesterday, thank you. And now for editing/ revisions on book that I grabbed an excerpt from that is below, which was finished yesterday as well. I’m so excited to have gotten done with this work on my birthday. That was a monumental, EPIC moment. Those of you who have written books know how much sacrifice goes into a novel, and those of you who haven’t…well A LOT of sacrifice goes into writing a novel. Family time, sleeping, other things that have to be put on hold. ((Sorry laundry, I know you’ve been there for a while, lol)) But really, writing “The End” is never the end, as a lot goes into revisions afterwards, but it’s an extremely huge moment for an author. It means the structure is there. The arc is there, the big moments, the love, loss, action, THE REASON BEHIND EVERY CHARACTER MOTIVE, all the heartbreak, and mending back together of said heart (mostly) has all occurred and been made clear. This is what SHOULD have occurred at the end of your romance book, if you write romance anyway.

Your book is done. Yes, there are revisions to be made (I am not a first draft and off to the editor kind author, I don’t know if those really exist or even if it’s wise, even Stephen King does more than a first draft…), however, the amount of revisions I am doing while writing has cut down on after production revisions-you’re welcome readers, lol. Less time after means quicker to your hands and kindles. :)) But at this point your characters should be three dimensional, your world too, and the story has a spine that holds it all together nicely. Everything is in place for future books if it’s a series (this one for me is a 1st person trilogy, so the end of this one is very important. I had to conclude some things, and not others obviously. I couldn’t just say, okay, lets write a sentence more and stop there. I’ve seen that. Yikes. Kindle throwing for sport anyone? Haha) I can tell you I’ll be right around 80K when all is said and done. I’m 78K now (around 350 pages) and after I add and subtract everything I will, I’ll have around 80K I’m sure.

Anyway, have a beautiful and blessed day everyone and thank you so, so much for all the love. If you want a little sexy with your coffee, keep on reading. <3 ((#TLV – Now we know what it stands for-well, if you scroll down that is, haha))

And for being so nice yesterday, this is my gift to you. Here’s a little unedited excerpt of that work, release date TBA-but I am hoping for Valentines Day 2016. I do own this image and all rights exclusively. It will have the title / subtitle below at some point on it soon and do the cover reveal properly. When that is done and the blurb written, the amazing creator of the art and the cover model will be given proper due. The AMAZING Claudia McKinney with Phatpuppy Art (-having link issues, will fix – who also did Keltor) is the creator of the beautiful art, and Joseph Quinlan is my adored and beautiful cover model. MUAH!!!! <3

******EXCERPT- NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18- STOP READING IF YOU’RE UNDER 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Please, don’t read. xoxo When you see writing in ITALICS, we are in mind-speak. If you’re not new to my work, or to PNR in general, this should be an easy transition for you. *****


The Last Valkyrie Trilogy-Book 1
~Three Rings, Three Kings~
©Jennifer Sage 2015

“Zane,” I say over my shoulder with a small smile, “if you could just hold my jacket while I take that break you demanded? It will be tough to manage, but surely someone will take pity and dance with me,” I say, turning slowly towards him. I want every sweet curve on memory for him. This silver chiffon of my dress is his wrapping paper after all. I saw that when I bought it. I saw him ripping it off me too.

The look on his face is priceless. I don’t know what snapped in him but please don’t unsnap yet. It’s harder than anything I’ve ever had to do to turn away from him but if I don’t, sensible Zane may take over again. And I just can’t bear the thought of that after a hundred and fifty years of waiting. “Need anything from the bar?” I ask with an innocent grin.

Just then Rune pops in with two rocks glass with what I can only assume is scotch for them, and a vodka martini for me. “Extra dirty, I hope you don’t mind? You look like you could use it today.” Rune smirks.

“Extra dirty, extra vodka,” I respond, laughing.

“Sexpot, has no one ever mentioned that martinis are almost ALL vodka or gin before?”

I giggle at our self proclaimed host. “Yes, but I’m about to tear up the dance floor. A few extra splashes can’t hurt now can they?”

Rune looks at me very seriously then. “You do have a point. I’ll have them put extra, extra in next time.”

“So agreeable you’ve become, Rune. I daresay I feel that between the two of you, I feel immensely spoiled tonight.”

“My dear, sweet, sexy, Valkyrie…you should always be spoiled. If the Dragon isn’t doing his duty in that,” Rune says, but before he can finish a hand on the back of his throat causes him to go quiet.

“She is fine.” Zane responds.

“Well, what’s that the acronym for, Zane? Fine: ‘Fucked Up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional?’ Check. I’ve been all of those for a while. So, why don’t the two of you do some bonding, I’m going to dance some of that ‘fine’ right out of me, and at some point maybe a worthy male will put some different ‘F’ words into my vocabulary this evening. Like how about some fabulous; some fanfuckingtastic even? That one means I’m happy. Fine is good I guess. Happy is so, so much better.”

With that, I leave Zane scowling and Rune with a glint in his eye that says, ‘you go girl.’ Now, it’s time to dance.

“Hey Kara?” Zane says as I’m walking away.

“Hey Dragon?” I say over my shoulder.

“Go dance and have fun but remember, the present in that pretty silver package…that, is MINE.”

I half turn to look at Zane and I’m somewhere between wanting to laugh and attack him. He’s all heat, and it’s crippling me almost…but he’s also got this mirth in his eyes that I’m really enjoying at the moment. His arms are crossed over his massive chest, my coat tucked between his forearms and a drink in his hand. The beating rhythm of a remix of ‘Hozier’s Take Me to Church’ comes through the speakers and my eyes nearly roll back in my head as I begin to feel it gushing through me. The ‘Kara’ energy is on full force and dammit, I need to get away from my Dragon before I’m begging him to play with me.

“Oh shit,” Rune laughs, “Go, Valkarie, GO!”

As if I need to be told again. I down my martini in a few burning swallows as I yell for another, and strut to the dance floor. The beat is practically lifting me with it. Music was always one of my escapes. Granted, the evolution of it has changed dramatically over my lifetime, but it can be so charged with every emotion under the sun. This song is sex on steroids and I need to dance. Now.

I can’t even look at Zane this second. There’s just the right amount of alcohol and percussion that it’s shooting straight to my undersexed core like little grenades. I need the energy out of me, and one of the only ways I can do that without actually making my body detonate, is by dancing it out, or flying it out. No sex, no flying…well then, now’s when we dance.

I spin, letting my hips guide me, listening to the words. “No masters or kings when the ritual begins…there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sins…”

Amen indeed.

I’m lost in movement, twisting, spinning, rocking my hips with my eyes closed and feeling him there. He’s so close, yet so far. Another song has seamlessly spun into place and when I open my eyes I stumble a little. Rune and Zane are surrounded by gorgeous immortal females that have legs for days. Who could blame them really? Both of those males are Gods in their own way even if I’m partial to my Dragon, but the there’s a a dark haired one that looks far too picturesque next to Zane. Is she really about to? And he’s going to let her? Oh my holy hell…yep…she has her hands on him. It’s just running along his rock hard arms—which is more than I’ve been allowed—so me about to go bat shit crazy is completely acceptable right? I’m nearly seeing red as I watch him smile as it travels up and down, stroking, stoking my ever building fire. Gods be merciful, I can’t…I just can’t watch this.

Do not kill her.
Do not kill her.
Do not kill her.

Rune’s flirting face catches the look on mine, grabs the drink out of one of their hands as she squeals, and walks toward me.

“Breathe, Valkyrie. The piranha over there are like mutton compared to filet. Drink. Then I’ll have more martini’s with extra grey goose brought, and we’re going to dance this shit in your head right out. Got it?”

Zane’s still not even looking over here, and I’ve hit my capacity of being a good little girl while he traipses all over me in any manner he chooses.  I don’t even know what Rune said, unable to process simple sentences. Lies, why so many damned lies?! “Drinks, Elf. Lots of them. And lots and lots of dancing. But if he tries to bring the mutton home to the mountain, I will skin her and throw her to the wolves. Capiche?”

Rune throws his head back in that infectious laughter and I can’t help but to smile. “Deal. And I’ll even help you do the skinning,” he says, his sparkly eyes evening out my anger. Rune’s got some good mojo, I must admit. He grabs a waitress and whispers in her ear and I would swear if I didn’t hear what he said myself, that you would think he’d asked her to marry him as googly-eyed as she got, but that’s Rune. I throw back what I think is some kind of appletini—which is disgusting—but before I even have a chance to remark on it, there are two dirty martinis and two scotches sitting neatly by the hightop table near the dance floor. The waitress just stands there in awe of Rune.

“I think she has the hots for you, sexy,” he whispers as he leans in, grabbing my waist. I snort but go with it, refusing to give an ounce of my energy to the damn Dragon and his horde. I grab a martini and slink my body right up along Rune’s as I clink his glass.

“Cheers, Rune. Thanks for the rescue.”

“Now, now. Rune doesn’t do sentimental. But I do fun! To Kara, getting to fly free for a night.”

“Hell to the yes!” We both slam back a few large gulps of our drinks and he drags me out on the floor.

At first it’s mostly innocent, though really, can anything with Rune ever be considered innocent? As if on queue, his eyebrows raise in a dare. Those daring hands just got more-so, and I’m spun around, my back to his chest. Oh holy Vanir, he’s certainly descended from the Gods all right. How did I never notice the amount of muscles he had rippling down his chest? A completely inappropriate giggle escapes me and he spins me to face him, those gyrating hips making my sex-meter start to skyrocket. Screw Zane, and all his years of denying me. Tonight, seemed to be the worst rejection of all after what just transpired between us. I shake his face from my mind and raise  my arms as I sway with Rune, my lower lip gathered in my teeth.

“Kara,” he whispers in my ear, “One, you are not supposed to giggle when a man is dancing like that with you, and two, Odin’s wrath female! You have some insanely strong energy. Are you sure you aren’t part Succubus? I came out here to rescue you, but who’s going to rescue me?”

The hot breath on my ear is a ticklish torture; the tempo mixing sex in my blood. Rune’s scent is all wrong, but at the same time it’s not.

“Holy shit, seriously darling…turn it down or you’re going to get me killed.” Rune pulls back and looks at me, his eyes lidded with lust, our dancing nearly stopped. I don’t want to kiss Rune…why do I want to kiss Rune? I begin to pull back as all the hairs raise on the back of my neck.


I throw him behind me and am surprised when I look up to see Zane walking my way. Stalking through the wooden floor is more like it. I swear to the Gods he’s cracking the wood at molecular levels and splintering my heart beyond that. I don’t know what’s up his ass now but he brought me here to dance, I’m dancing, and now he’s mad? Green eyes literally crackle as they bore holes into mine, almost maniac looking as he pulls up the sleeves of his shirt. The runic tattoos fall down like raindrops splattering on his tanned, thick forearms and I groan just looking at them. Zane stops within a centimeter of me, close enough that the heat of his skin licks my own, even in our clothes. I think I’m going to die. I’m going to be the first real Phoenix if I survive his flames that fan out over me right now.

“What. Are. You. Doing?”

“Dancing. That thing I came here for. How’s the mutton?”

I see Rune giving me the thumbs up from the circle of said mutton where he’s returned to.

“The what?” he asks, then growls. Zane picks me up and puts me on a high back chair at the tables where my martinis are. His hands linger on my hips, his mouth dips down to my throat and inhales deeply.

Holy Vanir, why does it feel like I’m being sampled like a fine wine right now?

“My Dragon didn’t like that, Kara,” he whispers as he licks the outer shell of my ear. I’m so glad he sat me down because I wouldn’t have made it standing through that. His words were like an avalanche to my soul. It doesn’t even matter what they were. He could’ve said, ‘the popcorn needs more butter,’ in that tone, with that tongue following it, and I’d be just as done.

“Mmmhmm…well I didn’t like you ignoring me so you could play with that whatever-she-is over there. It seems that’s what the man wants, Zane, so you and your Dragon are going to have to just agree to disagree. Now, I think I was dancing with someone who actually wanted to be near me, so you’ll have to excuse me” I whisper back, my tongue following the same trail, only his response is that the chair around my thighs disintegrates into a thousand little splinters on the floor.

“A dance,” he manages through gritted teeth, “is what I want. With you.”

I’m lightheaded. I still don’t know what this body thief has done with my Zane, but I’ll take it. “You sure you don’t want mutton number three over there? She wants you bad.”

He looks over at her and the female actually winks while he’s completely snuggled up between my thighs. Hussie! I guess I’ll have to give her something to think about tonight while she’s trying to destroy someone else’s mountain.  Zane’s eyes twinkle with something.

Females are so ridiculous, yourself included sometimes. But that one? All the time I’m sure based on the five minutes she attempted to speak.

I snort. Well what if I don’t want to dance with you?

His nostrils flare a moment and something dangerous gleams in his eyes. Well, I guess I’ll just have to persuade you then.

“Take a drink Kara,” he says, handing my martini, “It’s about to get a lot hotter than the burn of your drink in here.”

I don’t argue except with my eyes, and only because I don’t really want to. The alcohol is the only chance I have of stilling the rapid pound against my ribcage right now. I glare at him from the rim of my glass as I let the entire drink slip over my tongue; enjoying that burn; savoring it; savoring the veiled threat of what’s to come. When I get to the olive he shakes his head as I hold it in my teeth. I always suck the pimento out then chew the olive. He knows this of course, he’s seen me drink a thousand martinis before.

Hold it still, Valkyrie.

My legs widen more as they accommodate his muscular thighs, one of his hands reaching around my neck and gripping the base of my hair. It both forces my head up and shoots a spike of pleasure deep enough to make me moan out loud. My hands reach up for his shirt but a growl from his throat stays them.

No touching. Not yet.

Not freaking fair, Dragon.

No it isn’t, Valkyrie. But if you can steal the pimento from me, I’ll persuade you to dance…and let you touch.

But I already have the pimento! 

And just like that my Dragon swoops in and steals the olive, my breath, my tongue, and my beating heart. Flowing lava ebbs like a dangerous tide of liquid fire between our mouths and I succumb, sagging like a rag doll into his chest. He licks me as if I’m one of the Vanir themselves—the Gods of the Gods—and this is the kiss that I’ve been waiting for all these years.

I can feel his soul in this one.

His teeth are slightly elongated already and the thought of Zane putting those Dragon fangs anywhere in me puts me into a free fall of sexual surrender. I don’t even remember what I’m supposed to be taking from him other than the velvety soft tongue that laves mine. He nips my bottom lip lightly, just enough for me to take a breath and run my tongue over a sharp canine. I shiver on contact. I’m getting high on him. He’s giving something to me right now that he never has before and it’s both suffocating me and giving me all the oxygen I need.

Kara, the pimento. He says to my mind with a husky tone.

Screw the pimento, Zane.

Pulling me to the very edge of the chair roughly, I gasp as his need is pressed against me and my legs spread wider. Gods, how much I hate clothing right now! My head drops back but his firm grasp on my curls forces me to look at him as he grinds up into me.

Oh Gods, I can’t…I can’t right here….

Zane’s eyes are glowing with a feral need right and I imagine mine can’t be far off. There’s nothing but a whimper on my lips as he takes it with his own, stilling his sex so I don’t explode in the club. Or maybe he’s just drawing out my torture, I don’t know. But if stealing that damn pimento means I can touch him, then that means I can make him move too. My claws are destroying what is left of the chair where his did, trying to do as he asked by not touching, and I can’t even fathom being able to do so much longer. Sawdust covers my hands and it is the exact opposite of the feel of his flesh. The grainy texture is not what I want. I want to roam Zane’s hardened peaks and valleys, marking his skin the way he’s branded my soul. I kiss him deep and furiously, stealing his breath this time. The olive is parrying back and forth on our tongues and I’m almost too consumed in the flames that are very literally surrounding us right now, to care.


I don’t give up that easy, even when my Dragon has turned me into Valkyrie fondue.
We’re going to burn down the club, and it’s about damn time we burned something down. When I feel the small opening in the front of the olive I clamp with my teeth around the tiny green flesh and suck.

Pop! Pimento is mine.

I bite the olive in half, leaving him the other and break our kiss to hurry up and swallow the bane of my limited movements.

Zane has a half grin, half  ‘I’m going to eat you in a minute’ look on his face as he chews the other half of the olive.

Mine. He thinks as he traces my lips with his tongue.

If I thought tonight and his behavior couldn’t get any stranger, I was completely and utterly wrong. I moan into his mouth as his claims mine, the salt from the olive no match for the sweet and spice of my Dragon, or for that word. Four little letters and I’m putty. My claws go into his hair, gripping hard…moving to the corded contours of his shoulders, and suddenly he’s moving again. That thick length nearly demanding the removal of my panties by sheer force alone. I start to cry out, but his mouth covers mine completely and swallows my scream, my claws raking his shirt into tattered threads. I’ll buy him a hundred more for this moment. Sweet Gods of Asgard will I.

Energy is ripping through me at levels that shouldn’t be possible. Not like this, not a fully clothed orgasm in the middle of a dance floor. Or to the side of it anyway. All I feel is him. All I want to feel is his hands, the way one is running over my hip and every few seconds, discreetly lifting me up and back down again. His other hand is still behind my neck, not allowing me an inch away from his demanding tongue. His teeth scrape down my jaw gently, the stubble from his beard scratching every glorious centimeter. I’m imploding; exploding, I don’t even know what it is my body is doing. I feel strung so tight and at the same time like I’ve gained some type of long awaited freedom of movement. Though it’s incomplete. I’m not released yet from the throes of this heavy lust that’s been part of us for so long. I need more.

“Zane, please…please, give me…” I stop myself, I don’t want him to run again. Dammit! I do need his love. But it’s more than that, it’s that I need him to just be loving me while he’s loving me. Like now. I feel it now. Whatever he’s doing, he’s letting me feel it, and for the first time, I don’t feel like I’m as starved as I was. But I need more…

He looks up at me, his eyes guarded but not running. Heat floods my cheeks as he studies my flushed face, need intensifying in his own. As Zane blinks, he goes from Dragon eyes to man one second to the next briefly, making me shake. I’ve never seen him do that so much as I have lately. Hissing, he watches my face as he moves my panties aside discreetly—no one can see anything around his form in the darkened club—and feels my wet center. I know I’m soaked, and when he lets a single digit slide in as his face comes back to mine I know I’m so screwed, literally and figuratively. I try to rock but he just shakes his head no, his forehead resting on mine. My body is tensing and clenching and demanding more from that finger, and Zane is cursing in tongues that are no longer spoken in this realm. I think I nearly feel a tear in my eye—impossible as that is—knowing he’s stopping again. I can’t, I just can’t anymore.

Lifting his head I just close my eyes, refusing to look at rejection again. When I feel my hot silk coating my lips before his own crash down in a bruising kiss, up is down, down is up, and I’m not even able to think straight.

“My sun,” he says, tongue lashing mine, “my moon,” teeth biting my lips, a growl so deep it makes my toes curl, “my very fucking air, Kara.”

I don’t know what’s happening but suddenly my legs are around his waist and I feel the cold bite of winter on my back. I’m not cold though. No freaking way. I’m burning up.

“Gods forgive me, I tried. I’m so sorry, I tried.”

“What are you…” I feel the slam of my back against concrete and we’re out on some isolated balcony. There is only a flickering orange light and a thousand stars above our heads. No one is out here on this little terrace away from all the main ones. I start to wonder how he knew about it when the rip of my panties draws my attention back to him. He shoves them away and I bite my lip as the cold air nips my nether lips brutally. It’s sublime torture.

“Don’t you ever fucking cry for me. Do you understand me?”

“Zane? What in the hell is the matter with you?”

My response is nothing but a snarl as he cups my face, the act a contradiction to the sounds coming out of his mouth. I can’t keep up. Snowflakes are falling and they’re getting caught in his hair, his eyelashes. He looks so anguished, so devastatingly beautiful. I want to erase the line in his forehead right now that is creased with unknown horror. What? Why is he so angry?

The pads of his thumbs treat me as if I’m made of glass for a moment as stares straight into my soul. I stare back. I’m not ashamed. I stare back and open my heart and soul to him as I’ve wanted to for the last hundred and fifty years. I pour it into him unfiltered and raw. I see him flinch but only the slightest bit. Had I even blinked I would have missed it.

“Zane?” What do you need?

And as soft as the snowflakes around us that fall, his lips come to mine, sealing us in a kiss that say what he may never be able to in words. He lifts me gently and wraps my legs around his strong waist, his hands traveling over every inch he can touch as if it was the most precious gift in any world. All I can do is hold him to me and kiss him back, giving him that energy I know he so desperately needs, even if he could never admit it for so many reasons. I have come to accept that. I just need this. Just this. For just a little while.

His teeth graze my neck then and I moan aloud. I can’t help it. I don’t want him to claim me—well, lets be real—but I don’t expect that, I just want him to bite me. There’s an exchange of energy when a Dragon bites that’s similar to Vampires. I want him to feel me; every inch of me inside of him. Then he can decide.

“Yes Zane, please…” I say, holding his neck to my throat. He stiffens immediately and it takes everything in me not to smack him. “Bite me…not to mate, just to feel.

The eyes that look up at me are raging again with need. “You don’t know what you’re offering, Kara.”

“I do. A little bit of V-Positive. Seems to me like you could use a little of me in you, Dragon.” I smile and nip his chin, his gaze softening a little. “I hear I’ll like it too, but if I should find some other Dragon to show me…”

“Godsdammit, Kara! Do you not realize the very thin threads I’m holding onto already?”

“Then show me. You just ruined my panties, I hope there was a reason for that?”

Zane groans and rakes a hand through his hair. “Not fucking fair, Valkyrie.”

“No it isn’t, Dragon. Pimento remember? Time to take me dancing in Zane-ville.”

A nip and a grin against my lips makes me sigh. “You’re going to come so hard for me in a minute, Kara, and then I’m going to suck every last drop of your sweet nectar up. Then we’re getting out of this Gods forsaken club and I’m going to get this out of our system so we can focus on Ragnarok again. Scratch is being itched. I can’t give you everything you want, but I can give you tonight. Are you really okay with this? I don’t want to hurt you, and I can’t be an ass to ward you off anymore. Sometimes the only way out, is through.”

I look at him a little strangely at the last comment but the rest I’m totally good with. I’ll figure out how to convince him to keep me a few more nights than just one later. One isn’t going to scratch anything but the surface of a century and a half itch…well, maybe. It is Zane. I reach my hand down between us, down pecs and holy Gods. Yessss. I try to grip my hand around him and we both make strangled sounds of need. “Yes, Zane. Yes, please, can you just do something to fix all this aching I’ve got everywhere? It’s like acid in my blood, and it’s not the Jerry Garcia kind. Please, Zane. Make it stop. It has to hurt, so it will feel better….”

I see him snap then, no more needs to be said. Zane pulls me to his mouth and sets fire to my blood, letting it mix with the acid and creating a lethal combo. Each stroke of his tongue is matched by his teeth, his kneading hands—damn his hands—are everywhere. He pulls aside the material of the dress and even if it wasn’t ten degrees outside, my nipple would have been rapt and ready for the heated strike of his mouth. When it locks on and his teeth follow suit I nearly scream out at the zing that goes straight from my nipple to my clit. He slides down to the ground so that he’s kneeling but his legs are spread, causing me to have my bareness completely at the mercy his denim covered arousal.

May the Gods have mercy on me.

I can’t decipher the next sound from a purr or a growl, maybe something in between. My breast is in his mouth, his thumb is coating itself in my juices and his other hand is squeezing my ass and pressing me against him a little harder.

“Oh my Gods, Zane….” I pant, coming undone as that thumb brushes over my sensitive nub while he nips and sucks my nipple into a hardened peak of pleasure. Every flick of his tongue is followed with sensations that were before this night, beyond my scope of reality. He smiles almost boyishly as he looks up at me, never stopping his ministrations below as he blows, the mix of the cold air outside with the hot breath from his mouth enough to send me into shock.

I’m trembling now, my thighs are so strong, but against his, they’re tiny. Tiny, little pale avalanches on a sea of dark denim. One finger slips into my core and I do cry out then, the sky hearing my pleas for release. The beat of the music on the other side of the wall is vibrating though us, adding to the pulse from within and is putting me at the crest of an orgasm faster and faster.

Zane is cursing in Dragon now as another finger joins the first, taking my rear and pulling me hard against his palm. I reposition one leg so that I’m just straddling one of his, and he can work his fingers further into me. I’m stretched and pulled so tight, and this is nothing compared to how he will feel. He will fill me to my breaking point and then some.

“Kara, Gods, stop or I won’t be able to,” he says, his bottom lip in his teeth, that sharp canine barely visible on the edge and I just can’t fucking take it anymore. I pull my hair to one side and grab his lip out of his teeth with mine, followed by my tongue tracing along the perfect, full seam. He’s rocking me on his palm now, guiding my body in ways that are bringing a whole different type of feeling. There’s a bundle of nerves he’s hitting deep inside, circling and curling his fingers just so as he makes me rock, rock, rock some more.

“Kiss me, Zane. Then for the love of all that is holy, bite me.

A snarl rips through the air. He’s gripping my hip hard, kissing me harder and I swear his fingers have grown. I’m flying to some make believe place in the sky. This is all a dream, it’s got to be. Zane and I don’t exist like this. A bite to my ear before his tongue glides over my pulsing artery says we do now. All at once it happens.

My body is made a slave to his hand.

His teeth sink down into my neck.

I explode into a million fractals of the being I once was, only to be picked up and put back together, more beautifully and perfect than I ever was.

It’s all I can do to just shatter and murmur his name over and over again, convulsing around his hand as warmth trickles from my core. I hold his head to my throat and know that we’re outside, but all I know, all I see, is Zane and I bathed in a sea of light. I’ve found Asgard as I shatter on my Dragon, the power of all the Gods and Goddesses of every realm infuses me with strength even as I become a boneless being in his arms. His teeth retract and I feel his lips pay homage to my flesh, I feel his soul flying as high as mine right now.

“Kara…” he chokes out, barely a breath as he holds me tighter, burying his face in my neck as he lays the gentlest of kisses upon me.

“Shhhh….” I don’t need him to speak. I know. I feel it too. A soul bond is greater than any sexual act. We will complete that circle soon, and it scares us both just a little. Him, a lot more than that. Is it because he feels he’s betraying his true mate by loving me? The guilt I carry for taking him from her is heavy on my soul, yet I need him too and maybe even more than she does. The Gods were so cruel to leave him here with me after her death, only for us to find this rare second chance. If he ever mates with me though, his connection to her is lost forever and not even in death will they reunite. Am I that selfish? Could I do such a horrible thing as to deny a female that died trying to save the Valkyrie in the genocide her eternity with her mate? I bury my head in the crook of his neck and tremble more than just from the orgasm still ripping through me. I don’t know if I’m that terrible of a being. Gods be damned, this is Zane. MY Zane. I don’t know him any other way, or with any other female other than the floozies he’s spent two seconds with here and there. Maybe if I had seen he and his mate together, or even seen a painting of them gracing the walls…something to make it seem more real to me, this thing that I would destroy by wanting what I do, then I would feel worse. But the only thing that I feel is being destroyed by not having my Dragon bonded to me in every way possible, is me.

I open my wings and cocoon us both in them, hidden of from view course. I can comfort him with the warmth of my wings, show him the expanse of that enormous trust and faith in him; in us, in that simple, unarmored act. I am handing him my life, each time I do that. For the first time ever, Zane doesn’t protest it either. That small thing from him, blooms hope in my heart where possibly, I should not allow it to exist. Covering us in my wings is an instinct, and the more I open to him, the more I know that it’s a V-thing, but that it must come with love or at least trust.

I trust Zane.

I love him.

And in this moment there is no doubt any longer, fight as he may with himself and even me about it.

Zane loves me too, even if he can never say those three little words with his lips, his soul just did. His Dragon just did.

I hold him tightly, shivering with the lingering quakes within my flesh.

“Take me home Zane. Please,” I whisper.

©Jennifer Sage 2015

The Last Valkyrie Trilogy, Book 1

~Three Rings, Three Kings~

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